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Announcing redpill Now

Red Pill Development is proud to announce the availability of redpill Now. Using asymmetric modernization techniques, redpill Now provides mobile and responsive web interfaces to your entire portfolio of IBM Notes Applications. If your organization has a portfolio of Notes applications needing to be modernized, at least one server with Domino 9.0.1, and a week to invest,contact us at

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Key Benefits

Made for Mobile

Imagine all of your Lotus Notes apps available on any mobile device. redPill features an HTML5- and CSS3-compliant, responsive design.Learn More

Process in a Box

Not sure how to get there? redPill is foremost a process and the system will help you through it.Learn More


redPill delivers immediate benefit to business users for all your Notes apps and a process for progressive enhancement.Learn More

Social by Design

redPill will uncover the hidden affinities in your data so your users can work faster and easier.Learn More